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Topic: Botanical illustrations by Bobbi Angell

Bobbi Angell (born 1955) is an American botanical illustrator affiliated with the New York Botanical Garden whose illustrations have appeared in numerous books, catalogues, articles and other scholarly publications. Since 1978, she has illustrated over 2000 species from around the world, including several native New Zealand species.

Te Papa houses 19 of Bobbi's original illustrations. Fourteen of these are of New Zealand species of the plant genera Ourisia, Veronica, and Plantago, while the remaining five are of related species of Ourisia from Tasmania, Chile, and Bolivia.

The precision and clarity of detail in Bobbi's illustrations make them an indispensable aid for describing and identifying native species. Accordingly, they are an important component of several scholarly articles regarding the taxonomy and species boundaries of Ourisia, Veronica and Plantago:


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