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Topic: Recent changes

Is part of topic Te Papa's list of New Zealand ferns and lycophytes

21 April 2015: addition of subspecies for Dicksonia lanata (Brownsey & Perrie 2014).  Removal of Doodia aspera (syn. Blechnum neohollandicum) since no extant populations are known in New Zealand (Shepherd et al. 2007).  Transfer of other Doodia species to Blechnum (Perrie et al. 2014).  Addition of newly described Hymenophyllum pluviatile, and substitution of H. australe for H. atrovirens (Perrie et al. 2013).  Addition of Hymenophyllum polyanthos, Trichomanes caudatum, and T. humile, newly recorded for New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands (Peter de Lange specimens, seen by us; also see de Lange 2011).  (Note that we are awaiting publication of the supporting evidence before substituting Huperzia varia with Phlegmariurus varius; Field & Bostock 2013.)

22 April 2013: addition of the newly described Gleichenia inclusisora (Perrie et al. 2012). Sticherus urceolatus newly recognised in New Zealand (Brownsey et al. 2013). New Zealand species of Grammitis and Ctenopteris placed in the newly described Notogrammitis (Perrie & Parris 2012). Azolla rubra reinstated for the species previously known in New Zealand as A. filiculoides (Brownsey & Perrie 2013). Athyriaceae reinstated for Athyrium, Deparia, and Diplazium, and Cystopteris placed in the Cystopteridaceae (Rothfels et al. 2012).

10 July 2012: Grammitidaceae synonymised with the Polypodiaceae; this had been delayed for technical reasons.

20 March 2012: addition of the newly described Lastreopsis kermadecensis.

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