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Topic: Fossil vertebrate collectors

Is part of topic Fossil vertebrates

Te Papa holds the principal collections of several important fossil vertebrate collectors, including Phil R. Millener, T. Russell Price and Trevor H. Worthy.

Te Papa also has significant collections of notable historical fossil researchers, including Henry O. Forbes, Augustus Hamilton, Walter Mantell  and W.R.B. Oliver.

Other important collections have been made by A.J.D. Tennyson, R.N. Holdaway, N.H. Hyde, A.J. Anderson,  B. McFadgen and R. Paul Scofield.

The collectors with the most databased specimens* are:

T.R. Price (21,714)

T.H. Worthy (10,615)

P.R Millener (8,099)

A.J.D. Tennyson (4,708)

R.N. Holdaway (1,667)

A. Hamilton (1,228)

N.H. Hyde (728)

A.J. Anderson (504)

B. McFadgen (404)

R. Paul Scofield (131)

*as at 28 July 2010

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