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Topic: Fijian ferns

Is part of topic Ferns

Te Papa Botany Curators Patrick Brownsey and Leon Perrie spent a week in 2008 working in Fiji's SUVA herbarium.  Their NZAID-funded task was to update the scientific names of Fiji's ferns and lycophytes from the last substantial treatment in 1977, and review the c. 3000 fern and lycophyte specimens in the herbarium.  Fiji has about 330 indigenous species of ferns and lycophytes.  About 25% have had a change in scientific name since 1977.

They also carried out some field-work in conjunction with Alivereti Naikatini and Marika Tuiwawa from the SUVA herbarium, collecting a duplicate set of about 60 species for SUVA and Te Papa.  Photos in the field were taken for a subset of the specimens collected.

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