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Object: Lili (wall hanging)

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Title Lili (wall hanging)
Production Fasi, Tiresa (maker/artist), 1990s, Auckland
Medium summary 1) pandanus and coconut leaf midrib
Materials plant fibre, Pandanus leaf, coconut palm leaf
Classification wall hangings
Technique weaving
Registration number FE011234

This wall hanging was made by Fasi Tiresa (a member of Otahuhu, Auckland- based Falepipi He Mafola Niuean Handcraft Group Inc) in the 1990s. It is a large round disc of coiled coconut midribs bound together with strips of cream and very pale-brown pandanus in the style of a table mat. There is a motif of four petals or leaves outlined in black pandanus on the body of the disc, while the outermost coil is decorated with alternating diagonal strips of black and cream fibre. There is a small plaited-fibre loop for suspension above the tip of one of the petals/leaves.

People take their cultures with them wherever they travel. In New Zealand, skilled practitioners from various Pacific communities continue to pass on customary arts such as weaving and the making of wall hangings. Pacific-style wall hangings appeal to anyone with an eye for beautiful things, and they have become a popular form of portable artwork.

Weaving groups
Pacific weavers in New Zealand often work in groups. These groups are like fibres, connecting different generations back to their island homelands. They provide a setting where people can share knowledge and interact in their own language. Weaving can be a way to earn money, but, perhaps more importantly, it can build a sense of cultural connection and pride, especially for Pacific people born in New Zealand.

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