Bowl, ’Fern’, 2001
Made by Elizabeth McClure, Auckland
Blown; intaglio wheel cut using diamond wheels; machine and hand ground and finished.
106 x 150 mm
Purchased 2002 with Charles Disney Art Trust funds

Bowl, ’Fern’

This bowl was part of the 'Seasons of Change' exhibition of work by Scots-born New Zealand glass artist Elizabeth McClure. In 2001 McClure received the inaugural Thomas Foundation Glass Award, and the exhibition at the Dowse Art Museum celebrated this achievement.

McClure studied at the Edinburgh College of Art in the late 1970s, then worked in glass and travelled, visiting New Zealand for the first time in 1987. She returned to live here in 1993.

There is a feeling of serenity and stability in the deep blue well of the bowl, which contrasts with its busy carved surface.

At the time, McClure said of her work: 'Approaching each piece can be as different from one day to another ... the weather, the light, mood, and emotions influencing the intuitive approach I have to my work at this time.'

'In the last few years I have crossed oceans and hemispheres and seasons, and this has profoundly affected my perception and interpretation of many things ... . Continued exposure to new colours in the Pacific light, through living in Aotearoa New Zealand, and after trips to the Pacific islands ... has further extended my palette.'