Highland Fling, Waipu Highland Games, 2005.
Courtesy of The Northern Advocate.

Think 'Scots in New Zealand', and your thoughts will probably turn to tartan, bagpipes, and 'Auld Lang Syne'. But look beyond these and you'll find a Scottish presence everywhere in New Zealand life.

This exhibition tells the stories of the Scots in New Zealand through a selection of intriguing objects, images, and short films. The stories range from farmers, architects, and engineers, to charismatic church leaders, a Scottish lad who became prime minister, and feisty women who fought for the vote. Contemporary stories feature curlers, artists, musicians, bricklayers, and teachers.

The Scots in New Zealand celebrates one of this country's most widespread migrant groups. This website provides you with some highlights from the exhibition.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Migrations and Settlement
    Migrations and Settlement - tells of traders and farmers, and men and women who came with their treasured objects and their faith.
  • Contributions
    Contributions - reveals the far-reaching influence of Scottish teachers, scientists, architects, engineers, and industrialists.
  • Scots Here Now
    Scots Here Now - migrants from the past and present, and their descendents, celebrate their Scottish heritage.


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