• Kākā pōria (bird leg-ring) pounamu (bowenite), tangiwai variety, Piopiotahi (Milford Sound)
  • Hei tiki (human pendant), pounamu, nephrite, inanga variety, Arahura River, Westland
  • 'Tuhiwai' mere pounamu (nephrite weapon), Ngāti Toa and Ngāi Tahu iwi (tribes), Otago, pounamu (nephrite), kahurangi variety, Westland.

He kura pounamu He taonga pumau. Treasured pounamu An enduring legacy.

This exhibition has now closed

Kura Pounamu is a rich and exciting exhibition showcasing examples of this exceptionally beautiful stone, its origins, and stories of the special relationship people have with pounamu.

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  • Hei tiki (pendant in human form)

    An iconic stone

    Pounamu (New Zealand greenstone) is valued for its beauty, strength, and durability, and there are many stories of its origins.

  • Toki pounamu (nephrite adze blade)A distinctive material

    Pounamu possesses a superb combination of qualities – extraordinary strength, durability, beauty, and has acoustic characteristics.

  • Mere pounamu (nephrite weapon)Strengthening relationships

    Pounamu plays a powerful role in affirming and building many types of relationship – from the personal to the political.

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There are 200 hundred fabulous taonga in this exhibition.
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Pounamu Wall