Visiting Hawke's Bay 1960-69

Rita Angus was born in Hastings and as she grew older felt a special attachment to the Hawke’s Bay landscape. During the 1960s, after her parents returned to Napier, she regularly travelled to visit them. Her bus trips provided new subjects for her art, as you can see in this area.

Angus was an alert traveller and sat in the front seat of the bus to take in the full expanse the landscape. She made quick notes in a sketchbook – drawings of a group of barns or the curve of a road into the horizon. Back home, she worked on these drawings until she was ready to begin a new painting.

Angus also sketched at the Napier aquarium. This environment inspired some of her most remarkable paintings, including AD 1968.

All artworks are reproduced courtesy of the Estate of Rita Angus.