Rights and licenses

Te Papa’s collections items are originally made by a wide range of people, over a wide range of time. This means there may be different ways we can make images of the collections available for use. Check the rights statement on each object page to see which of the three main types of licence statements apply.

No known copyright restrictions

To the best of Te Papa’s knowledge, under New Zealand law:

  • there is no copyright or other intellectual property rights in this image in New Zealand; and
  • it may be copied and otherwise re-used in New Zealand without copyright or other intellectual property right related restriction.

Te Papa will not be liable to you, on any legal basis (including negligence), for any loss or damage you suffer through your use of this material, except in those cases where the law does not allow us to exclude or limit our liability to you.]”

Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

You may download and use Te Papa’s images of this work as long as you meet the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives copyright licence. Fair dealing, as understood under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994, may also apply.


You must include the caption information and credit Te Papa as the image source when you use Te Papa’s images. Here are two examples of captioning and crediting Te Papa prefers:

Natural Science example:

Rough pomfret, Taractes asper Lowe, 1843, collected 29 Jul 1994, Outer Bay of Plenty, Alderman Trough west of Koruenga Knoll, New Zealand. Reproduced courtesy of Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa under a CC BY-NC-ND licence (P.031284)

Humanities example:

Pressure sprayer, about 1910, New Zealand. A. & T. Burt, Ltd. Purchased 2008. Reproduced courtesy of Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa under a CC BY-NC-ND licence (GH011797)

Commercial uses

If you would like a license for commercial use, please fill in the Buy or license this image form to log your request (charges apply).

All rights reserved

Fill in the Buy or license this image form to apply to use this image. (Charges may apply)

Why you need to apply for the use of this image

Rights for this work may be:

  • controlled by the artist, the artist's estate, or other rights holders; or
  • unclear - Te Papa will do a more detailed analysis of the work’s rights history; or
  • covered by Te Papa’s Mana Taonga principle which supports the rights of holders of traditional knowledge to determine how the image may be used.

You need to make sure you don’t infringe on the rights of third parties before you use this image. Our image request process helps with this. Te Papa does not authorise the use of this image beyond the uses allowed by the “fair dealing” provisions of the New Zealand Copyright Act, 1994.


We recommend these resources for more information:

Find more information about Te Papa's rights project on our blog, including how rights types are assigned.

Get in touch

Please contact copyright@tepapa.govt.nz

  • if you have any information regarding this work and rights to it, or
  • if you wish to contact the rights holder for this work. We will assist where we can.